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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol Ii Mon Khmer Siamese Chinese Families"

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dam (Kb. fk?a, Siamese dam), black (H.).
(Kh. hu ndtig), the nose, 34.
(Kh. oati, Sii. lau, Siamese dtw), a star, 64.
dau (? a corruption of dem)3 a god, III, 11.
ding (pronounced deng] (Kh. the same), red (H.).
<Zt (Eli. 7, Sh. 2?, Siamese clZ)5 good, I, 52; 132; km di phu lilng} person good
male one, a good man, 119127 ; Mn dl ml lnng> a good -woman, 128, 130;
dip-dlt alive and well, 1,15, 30, 54; kMn (khttri) di Ink, better than, 133;
khitfi dl nam, khuft dl nam ndm, or khiin dl tang nam, best, 134; khfift =
more; luk = from; nam = many; ftz0 = all; Mn (ken) M dl> yen called
good, best, I, 27; khftfi dl, very well, in very good health, I, 39.
din (Sh, lin> Siamese din), the earth, ground. III, 1, 2Q',m-din, a field, I, 33; lup-
din, an island, III, 2.
dip (Eh. nip, Sh. Zip), alive, Ia 15, 30, 54,
dit (det) (Kh, ^W), hot, I, 40; pressure; detklang tang, pressure within belly,
hunger, 1,17.
doi (Kh. 0*, Sh. Zoi), a hill, a mountain, 229.
doift (Sh. Z^)9 with, together with; dov% Mng shau, with harlots, I, 48; kau doifi
with me, I, 50; Mng doin~kans began to be with harlots, 1,7 ; clidm-dovn knn-
phvMng, joined with a man, living with a man, 1,11; Tshd-lik bai chdm-doin,
place amongst servants, I, 21; doin cMm kau kun-nk-taii with my friends, I,
du (Sh. lu)> to look behold; hdn-du, to look carefully, thoroughly, II, 8; both
words mean * to see * or 'look'.
dun (Kh. n&n or Iftn, Sh, liin, Siamese d&en)t the moon, 63.
hd (Kh., Sh. and Siamese the same), five, 5; hd ship, fifty, 12.
M, see ai.
hai (Kh. and Sh. the same), to weep; rdng-hai (Sh. Mng-hai),tQ cry out, scream,
II, 13.
Mn (Kh. the same, Siamese hen)> to see; Past, han-jaw, saw, I, 23; II, 11,18; fam
ma hdn man jau, I did not see her, II, 12; pai-ka hdnt I went to see, II, 6;
ma-Jan Mn, I came to see, II, 15; Mn*dais to appear, see dai; Mn-du, to
look carefully, see du.
ha&> that (adjective); haft mung-Mn, in that country, I, 9; hau mung~mai3 of that
country, 1,11; hau kun-pM, that man, 1,11.
hdu (Kh. and Northern Sh. hau3 Southern Sh., pan)) to give; Imperative, haft, 1,2;
84, 234; Past, haft, he gave, 1,12, 26, 45; 111,11; hau    .    .       ;<w*,
gave, I, 38; Plup. hau-dai    .    .    .  jwurot had given out and out, I, 49;
phrau-bau jdng-haii-dai, no one gave, I, 14; phdn-kham hau, to give an
order, 1,12, 26.   Commonly used as a causal prefix, (so also in Kh., of. Sh
&-).   Thus, hau-oi~kin-klen> cause to eat and drink continually, pasture, 1,12;
so 1,14, mu hau-kin-klen, fed the swine.
hing (heng) in shati'heng, to use, to exert force.   The members of the compound
are said to have no meaning separately, II, 4; see shctft-hing.